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In 10 days my final term at Marylhurst is over! After more years than I care to admit I am finally finally finally done with my undergraduate studies. I am trying to remember such pieces of sage advice as “its the journey, nor the destination” but I am super excited about the destination. That is until I remember that I didn’t get into grad school and my degree doesn’t really fling open the doors to any careers except for more school. This degree means a lot to me and is deeply personal, but I realize now it is pretty impractical in terms of getting job. Therefore, I offer this friendly recommendation: if you have to explain what your degree is when you apply for a job it may not be such a good idea. Unless you don’t care about getting a job, then totally go for it! I didn’t think I cared until one day I woke up and I was 25 and I had no practical training or experience except with kids and animals. After all this hard work trying to get a degree basically I am no more qualified than I was before and still only¬†eligible¬†for jobs like nannying and scooping poop. Also, it turns out there is such a thing as a quarter-life crisis and I might be having one.

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